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Our Products
Thathe Sawmill produces roofing timber, beams, brandering, black cross, pallets, fire wood, sawdust, compost and other timber products available on request.

Timber Product Sizes
50x152, 50x288, 38x38, 38x114, 50x76, 19x76, 19x102, 19x114, 19x152, 19x228, 25x76, 25x102, 25x114, 25xx228, 30x114, 38x76 


Responsible for ensuring that all safety, health, hygiene and environmental aspects of the business are over board. Health, Safety and Community Relations Phohumbz Trading & Projects Sawmill is always committed to a safer, healthy and hygienic working environment by strictly adhering to all safety and health conditions. We pride ourselves with a very comprehensive health and safety policy which is in line with the laws of the Republic of South Africa. Our Health and Safety policy is premised on the motto "One safety, health, environment an hygiene incident is one too many"


We pride ourselves of being socially responsible when conducting our business. We are always in constant consultation with our communities to ensure that they understand our business and also for us to be able to understand their issues.

We always give first preference to the local communities for employment and contract opportunities. Although not a big player in the industry our drive is to always plough back into the community through CSI contributions.

Local Hardwares

These are hardwares located throughout the Limpopo province and part of Gauteng. They are only concentrating on the structural timber for the construction industry.

The Public

These are people from around the villages, the whole of Vhembe District and Limpopo whose produce appetite ranges from sawdust, firewood, structural timber for construction.

Pallet industry

The pallet market is located outside Limpopo and the demand comes from brick manufacturers, ceramic tile industries, cement whole sellers and beverage manufacturers and sellers.



Khalavha Village, Thulamela
Local Municipality, Venda
Business Stand 010423

Postal Address PO BOX 37
Fondwe 0969


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