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Current Market

The current market comprises of local hardwares, the public and the pallet industries located outside Limpopo and the citrus farming industry.
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Local Hardwares

These are hardwares located throughout the Limpopo province and part of Gauteng. They are only concentrating on the structural timber for the construction industry.
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The Public

These are people from around the villages, the whole of Vhembe District and Limpopo whose produce appetite ranges from sawdust, firewood, structural timber for construction.
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Pallet industry

The pallet market is located outside Limpopo and the demand comes from brick manufacturers, ceramic tile industries, cement whole sellers and beverage manufacturers and sellers.
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Thathe Sawmill is 100% empowered sawmill committed towards corporate social responsibility and good governance by supporting local communities through local employment, enterprise development and caring for the environment. We are progressive business and strives to be the best in class by being customer and community friendly as well.

Composition of the Board..

The board of directors of PhoHumbz Trading & Projects is comprised of the following people who have extensive experience in the resources industries.

Future Plan.. 

The future plan is to also venture into furniture manufacturing in the next 18 months. This will also assist to utilize the low grade material which can not sold to any market when unbeneciated. 



The current market comprises of local hardwares, the public and the pallet industries located outside Limpopo and the citrus farming industry.


THATHE Sawmill (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned company based at Fondwe/Khalavha villages in Limpopo. It owns 70% of Sibasa Sawmill. The company caters to a versatile market. Thathe Swamill is a 100% black owned company with vast experience in the resources industries particularly timber, forestry, mining and energy. 



To be the benchmark in the timber and saw milling industry and the best in class



To be the number one supplier of affordable quality timber products



Excellence in all we do: We deliver what we promise and add value beyond expectations.


Business Services Offferings..

Thathe Sawmill produces roofing timber, beams, brandering, black cross, pallets, fire wood, sawdust, compost and other timber products available on request


 Timber Product Sizes

50x152, 50x288, 38x38, 38x114, 50x76, 19x76, 19x102, 19x114, 19x152, 19x228, 25x76, 25x102, 25x114, 25xx228, 30x114, 38x76 



Khalavha Village, Thulamela
Local Municipality, Venda
Business Stand 010423

Postal Address PO BOX 37
Fondwe 0969


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     Thathe Sawmill (Pty) Ltd  is a 100% black owned